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A tiefling fighter, a paladin human, and a gnome warlock walk into a bar.

The bar is now on fire.

A strange evil has taken over the land. Creatures that are unnatural and never seen before pour from the ground, and the dead cant seem to die. Something is breaking the boundaries of heaven and hell, and slowly, hell seems to be collapsing into our world.

Someone needs to stop it.

Meet the leader of the group, Starforged. He is a lawful good paladin with a group of friends he really doesnt fit with. If you need healing, a blade, or just a man to talk to, hes your guy. He fights for honor, and for the name of the old farm town he comes from. Someone needs to step up for the little guys.

Then we have X, a chaotic evil tiefling warrior evicted from hell itself. When the void collapsed into hell, he revolted, fighting against men he once loved, and against kings he once respected. He left hell in a literal burning ball of fire, landing right into the palms of Starforged. He fights with the intent of getting revenge on those he loved, only to be with them again.

Finally, we have our gnome, the chaotic evil warlock. He has a love for women, and a bigger love for coin. His strongest skill, though many would believe would be the great spells he casts, is his voice. He has the charisma of a snake, able to intimidate the strongest orc into running from a rabbit, and persuade the dumbest troll into becoming a scribe. He met Starforge and X when he was on the run from a local city guard. Starforged, going against his code, took him under his wing, hoping he could talk him into a better, more lawful way of life.

He couldnt.

Together, this group is known as The Skirmishers. Theyre job is to find out what has been going wrong in the land, and stop it.

Aaand maybe get some ale. Or two. Or three.

Home Page

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