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Babies First Encounter
oh god oh god oh god oh god

Just a simple carriage ride to Oaken Wood to get supplies for our quest. What could go wrong?

The group sat still in the carriage, X quite irritated that they had to do something for some old man that smelled like twigs and baby powder.

All of a sudden, the ground shook. That was odd. Why would the ground shake like that in the middle of an open field?

A dragon, black with glowing purple streaks, flew quickly overhead, and then landed in front of the carriage.

Our level one heroes stared in horror. A dragon? WHATS THE DM THINKING? ARE YOU ACTUALLY KIDDING ME!?


no i am not.

The Skirmishers ran off from the carriage, possibly the fastest our gnome friend has ever gone before. The ground cracked behind them, lava pouring from the road and the grass. The dragon chased them down, fire blasting above them and to their side.

All of a sudden, the dragon was gone. Everything seemed calm.

That was, until a hand the size of an ogre came from the ground.

A large sword protruded from the ground. The group stared in horror as a large, heavily-armored demon the size of a tower raised from the ground.


He lowered his giant blade directly on Starforged, an inch away from his head until a heavenly blade stopped it.

A large, beautiful woman had protected the paladin.

The group saw this as their opportunity, and ran. Well, all but the gnome. Thinking he had a shot with the goddess (he didnt), he decided to launch spells at Antarch.

Starforged gathered his friend, yelling curses and other words that would be sure to get rid of Youtube adsense, and ran into the forest.

Now, the group had time to think to themselves:



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